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October 13, 2018

KSC-037 Sensei Halim Rodriguez, founder of Holistic Mystics and Co-Founder of KRM Tactical joins me to discuss Women’s Self Defense, Weapons Retention, UFC 229, Personal Alchemy and Master Ken.

Sensei Halim Rodriguez, is the founder of Holistic Mystics, a group dedicated to the spiritual essence that is found within all the world's spiritual traditions and forms the essential foundation.

Co-Founder of KRM Tactical

KRM Tactical brings world class instruction as modular programs in 5 disciplines. Each of our disciplines are focused on building reliable skill sets that hold under pressure.
Our Dynamic Action Response Training (DART) program is dedicated to addressing Sudden Violent Assaults. This program is perfect for anyone who seeks an effective approach to self-defense training.
The Catch And Release Training (CART) program is dedicated to Hostile Subject Control methods, for those situations or professions where striking the assailant is considered unethical or unprofessional. Law Enforcement Officers, Security and Executive Protection Professionals benefit greatly from this program.
The Knife Intensive Tactical Training (KITT) program is dedicated to the use and defense of edged weapon attacks. This armed program is a perfect compliment, and often a necessary progression from the unarmed programs.
The Baton Intensive Tactical Training (BITT) program is dedicated to the use and defense of blunt force trauma/impact weapon attacks. This armed program also forms a perfectly complimentary, and often necessary progression to the unarmed programs.
The Women’s Assault Survival Program (WASP) is dedicated to preparing and equipping women with the knowledge, training and tools needed to not only survive a Sudden Violent Assault, or Abduction, but to prevail! With an emphasis on practicality and reliability under pressure, the experts at KRM Tactical have applied their extensive knowledge, expertise and experience to create a women’s program that can be relied upon!


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