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KnowShitCast – is the brain child of creator and host Matt Frazier. The show is focused on the idea of bringing together interesting people for open conversation in the quest for knowledge and information. Coupled with quirky guests and co-hosts, KnowShitCast is an entertaining and refreshing take on Infotainment.

June 6, 2019

KSC-081 Eric Smith joins me on the show to discuss a new stack of topics….

Eric Smith joins me on the show. We talk about "Swallowing" for Science, Flaming Open Heart Surgery, Antitrust Probing, Chinese Mind Control Chips, Getting Naked at Instagram, Sonic Black Holes, Sharp Rocks, Ahhhhhnold Rap, Insect Meat, Alien Worship, Spotify Editors Choice, Dreaming, Schrödinger's Cat, Quantum Conscientiousness, EM Drives, Fake News, Adam Savage and Emergency Windows Updates.

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