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KnowShitCast – is the brain child of creator and host Matt Frazier. The show is focused on the idea of bringing together interesting people for open conversation in the quest for knowledge and information. Coupled with quirky guests and co-hosts, KnowShitCast is an entertaining and refreshing take on Infotainment.

April 25, 2019

KSC-069 Cat Hall of Dissonance joins us on the show to discuss her new album “Ascent”.

Erik and I get the privilege of talking to Cat Hall about the release of her new album "Ascent". She takes us through the process of creating and recording the album as well as the inspiration for the tracks.


1. Break Myself  
2. Poison Kiss 
3. MOL 
4. Taste 
5. Drive  
6. Starstuff 

Cat Hall: Lyrics, Vocals 
Jim Marcus: Programming, Keyboards, Percussion 
Dan Evans: Additional Guitars 
Vince McAley: Additional Drums 
Kurt Larson: Additional Vocals on Poison Kiss 
Jon Von Herrmann: Additional Music on Poison Kiss 
Chrys Anthem Wozniak: Additional Music on Drive 
David Sebrind: Additional Music on Taste 
Junior Kain: Additional Music on Break Myself 

Recorded, Mixed, Produced, and Mastered 
by Jim Marcus and Cat Hall Angeles 
Artwork by Jim Marcus


all rights reserved

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