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April 21, 2018

KSC-023 Susan Cote’, modern Pagan and practicing Pharmakeute talks to us about her craft.

I am a practicing Pharmakeute and initiate in the Ash, Birch, and Willow tradition. I hand-make each and every one of my products within a sacred space and with ritual energy, giving loving attention to detail with 100% Certified Organic/Free-Trade/ and or wildcrafted herbs from my own gardens and/or other completely reputable sources. Most of my products were created out of a personal need for something particular, and everything else is inspired by requests from friends and family.


"Our ancient ancestors, those wise-women (and men!) who lived back in the days long before the advent of Christianity, had special knowledge of plants and their powers. They lived in harmony with and had strong, close ties to the Earth and Her gifts. I believe that plants have spirits and that if we take our time and commune with them, the spirit of the plant will speak to us. They will tell us how best to make use of their healing powers if we only pause long enough to listen. It is my sincere desire to forge with the Earth the same type of relationship that our ancestors once had. My learning process will never end and I hope that, even if you do not decide to join me in learning more about the Earth and Her gifts to us, you will at least accompany me on the journey towards health, peace, happiness, and bliss."

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